How to Create a Good Song Mix

A Quick Tutorial


First route all sounds to a track  in the mixer. Next, turn down all the levels and begin to raise them staring with the drums. Then, raise the level of the bass and proceed to amplify brilliant percussion. Continue with percussion and move on to keys, strings, and pads, if present. Vocals shiuld also be added to the mix after the main drums if available. There are general levels at which rach instrument could be set such as a kick drum at -2 db, but your ears should determine the final adjustments and tweaks to volume. However, to prevent distortion, an unwanted artifact in the overall mix, no track levels should exceed 0 db. Aside from audio levels, consider panning instruments either to the left or right. This creates more space in the mix and builds a more dynamic aural presence. Furhermore, effects such as delay and reverb help fill in empty room in the mix so that sound constantly plays. In addition to those effects, other modifiers like choruses, filters, and pitch produce equally as interesting mixes when correctly and inventively applied.

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